Additional Systems to Look for When Considering Your Used Semi or Freightliner

If you want to purchase a used semi or freightliner truck, then there are many different things you need to look at and consider when making your purchase. Specifically, there are several add-ons or additions that can make your life easier as a truck driver, so make sure your commercial vehicle has them. Keep reading to learn about a few.

Automatic Tire-Inflation Systems

Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS) help to inflate and deflate your tires based on loads and driving conditions. These devices help to keep you safe, increase tire life, and elevate fuel economy. They also help to reduce maintenance costs and blow-out issues. This is good news, since a single tire can cost you $700

Tire-inflation systems feature a wheel valve located on each wheel end. This valve allows for air to move in and out of the tire as it is needed. The valve is connected to a tube that runs through the middle of the wheel itself. The tube runs underneath the truck and connects to an air-compressor system. This system creates the air that is used to inflate the tires. 

The inflation system is also connected to an electronic control unit that processes driving information and checks the tire pressure several times an hour. Information is then sent to the pneumatic controls if tire-pressure changes are needed. Most units also have a control panel that allows you to change air pressure of tires as you desire. 

If you do decide that you want a used semi with a tire-inflation system, then you should know that the system does require some regular maintenance. Oil may need to be changed on the air compressor, and this part of the system also must be inspected periodically. Also, valves attached to the wheels will need to be checked for leaks, and the tubing will need to be examined regularly. If any problems do arise in the system outside of routine examinations, you will see a warning light on the main control panel. This will help you to resolve issues immediately. 

While you can have a semi retrofitted with an inflation system after you purchase your used truck, the system will cost you a thousand dollars or more when installation is included.

Backup Camera System

Backup camera systems are another add-on or addition that you should look for when buying a semi truck. As a commercial driver, you likely understand that freightliners have extremely large blind spots. The one along the rear is the largest, and backing up blindly can lead to some serious accidents. Not only can an accident put your truck out of commission for some time, but it can also cause a serious injury. About 4,000 people die every year from trucking accidents, and something as simple as a backup camera system can help you to avoid a fatal incident.

There are a wide variety of backup cameras that are available. If you want the best protection for yourself and others, look for a truck with the most complete system possible. For example, a wireless system with separate cameras that can be added to the front, side, and back of your truck is a wise choice. These systems are often wireless and transmit video data to an on-board monitor. Most monitors will have split screens so you can keep on eye on all sides of the truck at one time. 

Systems come with computer systems that store video data, and they may also be fitted with magnetic mounts. Both of these features are advantageous. However, you can always upgrade the system if you need to if the camera system does not match your needs exactly. 

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