Short-Term Or Long-Term – What's Best For Your First Used Truck?

There's one unavoidable capital requirement for everyone starting as an owner-operator: a truck. If you're just getting going as a single driver, your rig will likely be your most significant investment initially and for a long time to come. Because you'll be spending so much of your starting capital on this one purchase, it's crucial to make the best decision possible. Buying a used truck is an excellent way to save some money, but you'll need to make a few decisions before you step foot onto your nearest lot. [Read More]

Addressing A Faulty Cooling Fan

Your car's air conditioning system uses several different fans to help keep you cool during the summer. Your interior blower performs a similar function to your home's air handler: it moves cold, dehumidified air away from the evaporator coil and into the cabin. It's easy to notice issues with your blower since you'll get inconsistent or weak air from your vents. The air conditioning system also needs to transport warm away from the condenser coils, however. [Read More]

Should You Buy New Or Used Replacement Parts For Your Vehicle?

Whether you want to buy replacement parts for your vehicle to repair it or to maintain it, there are a few things you should consider before deciding whether to buy those car parts new or used: Warranty Coverage One important thing to consider when deciding whether to purchase used or new replacement parts for your vehicle is the type of warranty coverage that is available. If you want to make sure that the part you invest in won't break down or malfunction on you anytime soon, the part should come with some kind of warranty, whether from the manufacturer or a third party. [Read More]

What Causes Your Tires To Leak Without Punctures?

The wheels and tires on your car are far more important than many people recognize. Ideally, your tire pressure should remain fairly consistent. If your tires are repeatedly losing air, that's a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed. You may wonder how your tire could be losing air when there's no visible puncture or other physical damage to the tire. There are a few other common causes of air loss in your tires, and here are some that you should check. [Read More]