Old Cars, Winter Cold, And Funny Door Locks: Deciphering The Problem

Old cars relied on locking mechanisms that rotated a c-shape component around a bolt as the door shut. If you currently have a car that is at least twenty or more years old, you probably have a car with this type of locking mechanism. If you are also experiencing doors that do not shut and hold tight in cold weather, you may need some auto repair assistance with this matter. Before you take your antique vehicle into the shop, however, do all of the following to the door locks first to make sure a visit to the auto repair shop is even necessary. [Read More]

Additional Systems to Look for When Considering Your Used Semi or Freightliner

If you want to purchase a used semi or freightliner truck, then there are many different things you need to look at and consider when making your purchase. Specifically, there are several add-ons or additions that can make your life easier as a truck driver, so make sure your commercial vehicle has them. Keep reading to learn about a few. Automatic Tire-Inflation Systems Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS) help to inflate and deflate your tires based on loads and driving conditions. [Read More]