Practical Ways To Keep Your Truck On The Road Longer

A truck is a major purchase. Keeping your truck in good condition for as long as possible is the key to a long truck life. Fortunately, this is something that all truck owners can do. Here are just some of the ways you can work towards keeping your truck longer. Stay on Top of Tire Maintenance Make certain you're staying on top of your tire maintenance. When you drive your truck beyond the tires' lifespan, you're basically asking for trouble. [Read More]

2 Reasons To Utilize A Parking App

Parking apps are a fantastic way to make parking your vehicle in a busy or crowded part of town much easier. These apps will typically work in conjunction with your city's meters in order to provide you with the most accurate information possible. Listed below are two reasons to utilize a parking app. Makes It Easier To Find A Spot One of the most frustrating parts about living or working in a very busy part of town is finding a parking spot in a short amount of time. [Read More]

Want To Buy A Car And Keep Maintenance To A Minimum? Make The Right Purchase At A Dealer

If you have been reluctant to buy and own a car, you may have done everything you can to avoid becoming a vehicle owner. Getting rides from family and friends, taking public transportation, walking, and biking around as much as you can are just a few ways to accomplish this goal. But, you may be at a point in which you want to get a vehicle because you can enjoy so much freedom in being able to go places without limitations. [Read More]

Purchasing A Used Transmission For Your Truck

When you own and operate a heavy truck, it's important to keep the mechanical components of the truck functioning properly in order to avoid performance and safety issues. Your truck's transmission takes a beating as you drive the vehicle on a daily basis, so it's possible you may have to replace the transmission at some point during the life of your truck. Here are three tips that you can use when purchasing a used transmission to ensure you get a replacement part that is suited to meet the needs of your heavy duty truck well into the future. [Read More]